woensdag 8 december 2010

hard core testing

The current weather in Holland is not my favorite one but I love riding my bike trough the snow. And it gives some good opportunities to test our (new) bikes in winter conditions. Last Friday there was fresh to test and thanks to the city of Utrecht some secondary streets (but often main bike-routes) are still covered with really slippery ice.

The results are pretty simple: the bigger the wheel, the better the bikes rides in winter conditions. The beixo slim has virtually no problems with snow and also rides easily over ice. The riding position lets you control the bike very well. The beixo slim truly is an all-season bike.

The new beixo share citybike also has 28" wheels, but because of the more relaxed riding position you loose some control. Also the wider tyres make riding in the snow pretty heavy.

In snow the beixo compact and the gsusbike, with their 20" wheels, are not really fantastic to ride. The ride is stable, but the smaller wheel size takes away a lot of grip. On icy-roads, the gsusbike is 100% OK, but the compact is very nervous. I guess because of the more forward riding position. As soon as you hit the front brake problems start.

And then our smallest bike: the new beixo GO. It's 16" wheels are more or less OK in fresh snow (but there get's a lot of snow in the wheels) but the bike is totally out of control on ice. The ice is not plain and the bumps in it are impossible to beat with the small wheel size. Beixo recommends walking.

We didn't test the beixo.electra electrical folding bike, just because the motor is in the front wheel. This makes no sense on ice or snow. You loose your grip even before you realize it. Beixo strongly advices not to use any front wheel driven E-bike on ice or snow.

Luckily the streets are not always like this. But when these conditions appear we advice you to test and know the limits of your bike before riding it.

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