woensdag 18 augustus 2010

A handle bar discovery in Amsterdam

Today I visited Tromm, the mayor bicycle shop in Amsterdam. They sell our bikes for some years now and because of their history they have huge knowledge and affection for bikes. I brought the prototype of the beixo GO to have them have a glance. And get a valuable opinion on it. "So they really can do something over there in Utrecht" was their comment, and for Amsterdam people that really is a compliment.
The most interesting discovery was in their basement. Tromm-junior showed me an ancient (50's or 60's) Raleigh folding bike (the only folding bike that gets bigger when folded, he explained) that has a similar folding movement as the GO (the GO gets a lot smaller). Great was the sound of the mayor folding closing. Like a BMW-door closing. (but hey, that's steel). And very interesting item were the handle bars. This is still a point of attention to us. The solution on the Raleigh was a bit like some previous designs from us. But then we shove it aside because 'not possible'. So it is possible. Anyway, just another thing to rethink and send back to the drawing table.

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