vrijdag 25 juni 2010

open source bikes

According to our philosophy we keep our bikes simple. A beixo bike has everything you need to ride it well. All choosen parts are the best option, of good quality and do what they have to do.
The nice thing of creating bikes is that there are always special wishes. We receive a lot of questions about possible changes. Can I mount a front fork with suspension? Can I pick wider tyres? A different saddle?
The answer is in 99% of the matters yes. We choose for standard sizes and standard parts, so an exchange is easy to make. The only boundaries you find in the rear hub. Here we (and also our customers) are limited to the Shimano internal gear range. In a certain sense our bikes are open source bikes. This because we push the beixo riders to share their opinions and their changes. These are discussed with a group of experts (bike shop dealers, technicians etc). And if it makes sense we apply these changes on the bikes.
But our philosophy remains standing: we provide the cake: you can add the cherry.

beixo slim changed by Mr Van Waijenburg (The Netherlands), check the suspension fork, the smaller front wheel (24") and the 2.1 Schwalbe tyres

beixo slim changed by Mr Tiller (Germany) with hub-dynamo, changed handlebars and comfortable saddle.

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