dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Colorbike 2.0

Besides the beixo go we are working on a new city-bike concept. Some background information: about three years we started the Colorbike project: this means that for every Colorbike we sell in Holland (only through the web) we buy a bike for a child somewhere in the (3rd) world. For the first stage we bought existing bikes at Kross in Poland. Men and ladies bikes in four different colours. The project was a success right from the start. But it was still a project. Unfortunately we could not combine the benefits of both beixo and Colorbike to bring both bikes to a higher level. From the beixo side we get a lot of demands for city-bikes and for the Colorbike-side we get questions why the bikes are with a traditional chain. So we decided to stop the Colorbike project and turn it into a 'real' bike. The idea still remains the same: a bike for a bike but the bike changes radically. It will not longer be a basic, cheap bike but a well designed, more high-end city bike. Unisex. And off course with the beixo shaft drive system. The design is, just like the Go a cooperation with Superframe. At the right a first glance of the 'beixo Colorbike'.

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