dinsdag 22 december 2009

Trains etc

The environment that gives the folding cyclist the most trouble includes the railway station and train.
In the compartment the bicycle needs to be stored away in order to avoid hindrance to fellow passengers, therefore it is necessary to take compartment dimensions into account.
Jos uses measuring tape in his daily commuting between Delft and Utrecht to measure compartment dimensions. Also interesting are the escalators to be found on every railway station. The balance of the bike on the steps is rather important.
Since he travels in almost the same train every day he wants You to help him measuring...!
Please reply measures you consider important.

dinsdag 8 december 2009

a brain storm day

Today was quite interesting since Jurgen from Superframe and Jos, Angelique and Ad from beixo came togheter to discuss the whole progress. We have quite some data, both digital and in hard copy, but we are facing the stage of making choices.
And everytime you put creative people togheter ideas seems to pop up like wild mushrooms. It led to this very basic wheel configuration test setting, with a gsusbike-box as victim.
And there was this unofficial contest in putting a tyre on a rim. Jos did win, but only due to this article.
As you can see we are working with 16" wheels.

maandag 7 december 2009

it folds (in cardboard)

After some thinking, testing and working @ beixo and Superframe we came up with a so called "spuugmodel" in cardboard. It helps to test the functionality, but this is only for folding reference. There are many folding options, all with their specific advantages and disadvantages. Just check the large number of patents on this.
We will continue on this one, now this cardboard model will be digitalized.
Check the model and the euphoria: