woensdag 8 december 2010

hard core testing

The current weather in Holland is not my favorite one but I love riding my bike trough the snow. And it gives some good opportunities to test our (new) bikes in winter conditions. Last Friday there was fresh to test and thanks to the city of Utrecht some secondary streets (but often main bike-routes) are still covered with really slippery ice.

The results are pretty simple: the bigger the wheel, the better the bikes rides in winter conditions. The beixo slim has virtually no problems with snow and also rides easily over ice. The riding position lets you control the bike very well. The beixo slim truly is an all-season bike.

The new beixo share citybike also has 28" wheels, but because of the more relaxed riding position you loose some control. Also the wider tyres make riding in the snow pretty heavy.

In snow the beixo compact and the gsusbike, with their 20" wheels, are not really fantastic to ride. The ride is stable, but the smaller wheel size takes away a lot of grip. On icy-roads, the gsusbike is 100% OK, but the compact is very nervous. I guess because of the more forward riding position. As soon as you hit the front brake problems start.

And then our smallest bike: the new beixo GO. It's 16" wheels are more or less OK in fresh snow (but there get's a lot of snow in the wheels) but the bike is totally out of control on ice. The ice is not plain and the bumps in it are impossible to beat with the small wheel size. Beixo recommends walking.

We didn't test the beixo.electra electrical folding bike, just because the motor is in the front wheel. This makes no sense on ice or snow. You loose your grip even before you realize it. Beixo strongly advices not to use any front wheel driven E-bike on ice or snow.

Luckily the streets are not always like this. But when these conditions appear we advice you to test and know the limits of your bike before riding it.

vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

woensdag 22 september 2010

Two happy designers

After receiving the two prototypes last week it was a matter of days before the designers would travel to Utrecht to check the results of their work. Today Jurgen Kuivenhoven of Superframe took a first ride on the beixo share, a real unisex city bike, to be used by the whole household. I can not repeat the words that left his mouth having the first glance at his work, but positive it was! Some rather small changes have to be done before the share will be introduced to the Europen market. Mostly aesthetical changes, like the color of the decals.

The share is in our window at the office in Utrecht and only by that the first bikes are sold. So Jurgen, good work.

Last week Jos Ramselaar had the chance to meet his 16" folding bike, the GO. This technically more difficult bike is besides a design project also the result of a lot of engineering. The main characteristic of the bike is the downwards folding movement. This works fine, but fine-tuning is necessary to keep the bike together when folded.

And last weekend the GO was received very well on the FestiBike bikeshow in Madrid, Spain.

donderdag 9 september 2010


Last week beixo visited the Eurobike-exhibition. Since the development of the GO is in a decisive phase we had to bring the bike to the show to consult our manufacturer. This meant strolling over the fair with the prototype in our hand. Inadvertently this triggered a lot of attention. So we can say the design is absolutely OK, even without paint or decals.

Not all people interested in the bike were as innocent as they looked. Two men asked more questions then we liked and after asking their business cards they appeared to be owning a large folding bike factory.

Now last changes have been made and next week number 1 will arrive. Only the stem is not 100% like we want. But the bike is just in time to present it to the Spanish public next week during the FestiBike exposition in Madrid.